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Step 2: Understand All Your Options

Affordability, Accessibility, and Flexibility are the keys. We have the solutions for your youth sport organization.

Discounted Prices for Leagues
Coaches Who Never Lose, Sports and Your Child, and the Parent Sport Behavior Card are offered at discounts when purchased in packets of 20, 50, and 100.

Title Packets of 20 Packets of 50 Packets of 100
Coaches Who Never Lose $105 $215 $400
Sports and Your Child $135 $280 $500
Parent Sport Behavior Card n/a $35 $55
Coaching Effectiveness Online Summary Card Please inquire about licensing options

Coaches Who Never Lose, Coaching Effectiveness Online Summary Card, Sports and Your Child, and the Parent Sport Behavior Card can all be customized to include your organization's logo and even messages from the league administration and sponsors. Click here for a demonstration of customization options.

Enhanced Customization
If you require specific information about your league or organization in the manuals (rules, codes, staff directory, etc.), we can publish this for you too. Please inquire 1-800-699-2733 or email: info@wardepub.com.

Post Information on Your Team or League Website
The Parent Sport Behavior Card and the Coaching Effectiveness Summary Card are available for posting online. Please inquire about licensing options: 1-800-699-2733 or email: info@wardepub.com.