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Coaches Who Never Lose Cover

Coaches Who Never Lose: Making Sure Athletes Win, No Matter What the Score

by Dr. Frank Smoll and Dr. Ronald Smith

A 30-minute primer for coaching effectiveness

Written by leading sport psychologists, Coaches Who Never Lose is a clear and concise guide to the success of that most important person called "Coach." This manual is based on over 25 years of research on coaching behaviors and how they affect athletes. The Mastery Approach to Coaching (MAC), developed and tested in the research program, is a scientfically validated coaching-education workshop that has been shown to have the following effects:

  • Teaches coaches how to foster positive coach-athlete relations and greater mutual respect
  • Increases the amount of fun that athletes experience
  • Creates greater team cohesion and a more supportive athletic atmosphere
  • Increases athletes' self-esteem and reduces performance-destroying anxiety and fear of failure
  • Significantly reduces the dropout rates in youth sport programs

MAC research has shown that a few key principles underlie coaching effectiveness, and that coaches can easily incorporate these behavioral guidelines into their coaching style. The priniciples have been distilled into Coaches Who Never Lose. A time investment of perhaps 30 minutes to learn the guidelines can provide big dividends for coaches and for the young athletes who play for them. Coaches Who Never Lose includes valuable information on the following topics:

  • Understanding the real meaning of winning in sports and in life
  • Using reinforcement power to increase athletes' effort and improve their performance
  • Correcting athletes' mistakes with a positive approach
  • Giving technical instruction in an encouraging and supportive fashion
  • Developing a team-oriented approach to maintaining order and discipline
  • Dealing with violations of team rules
  • Communicating effectively
  • Establishing productive relations with parents
  • Coaching your own child

"The MAC clinic was the best thing that's happened to me in 11 years of coaching. I found it easy to apply the ideas with my team. As a result, this was the best season ever-for the kids, and for me. This program could help any coach at any level."

—Chris Taylor, Youth Coach

Paperback: 28 pages — $6.99
Packet of 20 copies — $105.00
Packet of 50 copies — $215.00
Packet of 100 copies — $400.00