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Understanding the Golf Swing
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Understanding the Golf Swing - The DVD!

by Manuel de la Torre

The innovative and unique instruction of Manuel de la Torre has never before been available as a full-length video. Over 1.5 hours of instruction with one of America's greatest golf teachers. Designed specifically to complement the book, the DVD contents include:

  • Detailed discussion of the swinging concept
  • Grips, alignment, the address position
  • Creating the visual image of the swing
  • Producing the swing
  • Putting, chipping, pitching, and sand play
  • Playing unusual shots

"I've played golf for over 30 years (competitively while in college) and allowed the game to get so mechanical and complicated that I ceased to enjoy it. Manuel's philosophy about the game and his understanding of the swing has allowed me to have fun with the game again. Manuel's teachings reinforce my father's belief that common sense is not that common."

—Scott Vidimos/Handicap 4

DVD — $29.95