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Understanding the Golf Swing
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Understanding the Golf Swing

by Manuel de la Torre                

Understanding the Golf Swing will show you a different, simpler approach to the golf swing. Manuel de la Torre, twice named by Golf Magazine as one of the top 100 golf instructors in America is the leading modern day proponent of Ernest Jones' Swing Principles method of golf instruction. The Jones and de la Torre concept is quite simple: "If the club is used properly, the body movements take care of themselves." This simple statement has the power to bring about profound improvements in your game!

While presenting a simpler approach to the golf swing, the book is also a comprehensive resource for all levels of golfer, from the beginner to the professional. It includes:

  • The most thorough analysis of ball flights found in any golf instructional book
  • Detailed discussion of special shot play, including sand play, pitching, chipping, putting, and playing unusual shots
  • Coverage of the mental site of golf, effective course management, and a formula for taking your best practice tee shots to the golf course

"Manuel first impressed upon me that I was really trying to produce one thing - a swing! He not only taught me a simpler swing but also ball flights that are essential for any tournament player to shape shots and trajectories.
    Be prepared to hear, 'It can't be that easy!' Be prepared to use your mind to direct your golf actions. Be prepared to discard chaos while practicing or on the course. Be prepared to commit to a new way of being on the course. Be prepared to enjoy learning and playing in a full, rich state, blending your mind, body and club.
    After reading Understanding the Golf Swing you will join me in thanking Manuel de la Torre, as I do every day."

—from the Foreword by Carol Mann, Ladies Professional Golf Association and member of the Hall of Fame


"Understanding the Golf Swing covers virtually every phase of the game - chipping, pitching, bunker play, putting, unusual shots, course management, and the mental side in the same common sense and simple approach. It is a must read for every golfer."

—Tommy Aaron, PGA Tour Professional and 1973 Masters Champion


"I'd played golf for over 30 years including competitively while in college and allowed the game to get so mechanical and complicated that it ceased being enjoyable. Manuel's philosophy about the game and his understanding of the swing has allowed me to strip away the layers of programmed movements and, once again, have fun with the game. In light of the volumes of instruction available, Manuel's teachings reinforce my father's belief that common sense is not that common."

—Scott Vidimos, Handicap 4


"Manuel's teaching philosophy produces great players because it frees them up to compete, rather than confusing their minds. To be a great competitor your attention has to move beyond the swing to the target. Manuel's time tested wisdom is simple, yet profound, producing great players, not just swingers. This book can produce within you a great player."

—David L. Cook, Ph.D., Sport Psychology consultant to the PGA of America and over 100 PGA Tour Players


"Understanding the Golf Swing is not just for the amateur hoping to improve his or her score. This is a marvelous resource for both the teacher and the student to be able to understand the concept of the swing on the same wavelength. The philosophy used in Understanding the Golf Swing has added a whole new dimension to my teaching and given my students the insight into what a golf swing is really like. The results are beyond my greatest expectations. Thank you Manuel for your decades of dedication to making golf a game my students can now enjoy."

—Gary Sowinski, Director of Golf, Morgan Run Resort and Club, Santa Fe, CA

Paperback: 254 pages — $27.95