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Positive Coaching: Building Character and Self-Esteem Through Sports

by Jim Thompson

Positive Coaching is jam-packed with specific strategies for interacting positively with young people in the sport setting. Many readers say they are encouraged to continue their coaching after reading this inspiring book.

"Any book that reads as easily as Positive Coaching, explores the overlooked commonsense component of coaching, injects stories that are readily imaginable, and offers tons of insightful information, should be required reading for all coaches."

—Warren Simpson, Hardin-Simmons University,
Applied Research in Coaching and Athletics Annua


"I recommend it wholeheartedly for all coaches. In the book, Jim Thompson states that his positive coaching tactics may not work on the professional level. Being a believer in motivation through support and praise, I know it works on this level too."

—Phil Jackson, Head Coach, L.A. Lakers

Paperback: 400 pages — $19.95