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Live Hands Cover

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Live Hands: A Key to Better Golf

by Eric Prain


"Cut through the complexity at any price. Find the simplicity. In the forties, this must have been a bold statement. Even in the nineties, to affirm simplicity takes a conviction born only of practice and profound experience."

—From the Foreword by Tim Gallwey, author of The Inner Game of Golf

Live Hands is a reprint of the golf classic originally published in England in 1946. This charmingly literary book, written by the leading British golf journalist of the time, is sure to fulfill the promise for a pleasurable evening of good reading. The fact that a golfer may improve his or her golf game, or a coach could gain insight into effective instruction of sport techniques is an additional benefit. Tim Gallwey summarizes the essential theme of the book:

"It is the emphasis on living feel-doing whatever you need to develop greater feel of what's happening with the clubhead-that Prain takes the bolder step towards the synthesis of mind and body in the golf swing. To speak of the 'spark' that must jump between hands and clubhead is to speak about a dimension of golf that few have the courage to write about, but most who play the game know is real."

Hardback: 80 pages — $16.95