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Coaching Mental Excellence

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It Does Matter Whether You Win or Lose...

by Ralph Vernacchia, Rick McGuire, and David Cook

A guide to achieving peak performance. The only sport psychology book to address issues facing both the coach and athlete. An easy-to-read, practical survey of mental techniques recommended by leading psychologists. Addresses issues facing both the coach and the athlete.

"It most certainly does matter that we WIN because it matters that we as coaches are WINNERS in the lives of each and every athlete with whom we have the opportunity to share the sport experience."

—Coaching Mental Excellence


"Coaching Mental Excellence is an extremely practical and useful resource for both coaches and athletes. If you want a competitive advantage, buy this book, read it, and practice the many useful skills and techniques it has to offer."

—Gary Schwartz, President, USA Track and Field Coaches Association

Paperback: 192 pages — $18.95