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Better Golf: A Skill Building Approach

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Better Golf: A Skill Building Approach

by Julius Richardson with Mark Gearen

Better Golf: A Skill Building Approach offers a breakthrough method for acquiring better golf skills. Julius Richardson, the first African American pro to be included in Golf Magazine's Top 100 Instructors in America, shows you how to get to the core of better scoring with a minimum of wasted effort. Richardson turns the spotlight directly on the learning process itself. He breaks the desirable skills of golf into components and offers intelligently sequenced drills to help you acquire them. Along with fine short game instruction, he teaches Six Key Body Angles that put you in ideal anatomical position for ball striking. Richardson's technique also keeps the player from hitting full shots until good habits, and even instincts, predominate. The result is a more positive and enjoyable experience on the course.


Other golfers may envy the low-handicapper when they watch that player hit straight tee shots, draw the ball from right to left, hit irons close to the hole, and execute fine short game shots. Richardson's message is, you can get there, too. The main difference between you and the low-handicapper is not eye-hand coordination, "golf talent," or even necessarily how much time you spend practicing. The key is acquiring touch in the short game, plus proper body alignment and relaxation of essential muscles in the long game, to hit the ball straight. Over time, the drills in this book help you gain these essentials. The result is a steady reduction in your score.

What Others are Saying about Better Golf: A Skill Building Approach

"I think Julius is a breath of fresh air in the world of golf instruction. Julius' teaching is based on building control, starting with the short shots and going foreword from there. He helps students prepare . . . with a little training of this kind, players can shoot lower scores and have a lot more fun playing the game."

—From the Foreword by Bob Toski, World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame


"Julius Richardson is one of the game's top teachers because he understands very clearly how people learn best. He is a genius at helping golfers break down the swing's component parts and then putting them together in easy to follow steps. He is not afraid to teach the game in his own unique style. It is a systematic process that other golf professionals would benefit from adopting. If you follow Richardson's skill building formula, you'll be well on your way to lower scores."

—Lorin Anderson, Managing Editor, Golf Magazine


"To watch Julius in action is to watch a well choreographed professional at work. He smoothly glides about his student, offering thoughtful, well polished nuggets of wisdom. His eye and uncanny understanding of the golf swing, and willingness to still keep learning truly have him in an elevated league of his own."

—Geoff Bryant, President, United States Golf Teachers Federation


"Bobby Jones produced his finest golf if he entertained no swing thoughts during his motion. The rest of us play our best golf too, when we don't try to think our way through the swing. My good friend, and golf's great friend, Julius Richardson, has a brilliant and simple approach to teaching--solid fundamentals allow the mind to focus exclusively on the target--and target orientation leads to lower scores and maximum joy. Freedom of action is hidden behind your long checklist of do's and don'ts. Julius Richardson will help you discover its never-ending pleasure."

—Peter Kessler, Broadcaster and Senior Writer, Golf Magazine


"In this unique book, Julius Richardson shares his lifetime of teaching expertise through an easy skill building approach. The ‘skill builders' in this book are simple, nontechnical, yet effective progressive steps to building the skills needed for a total golf game. There's nothing else like it."

—Wally Armstrong PGA Teaching Professional and former Tour player

Hardback: 185 pages — $29.95