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"If the club is used properly, the body movements take care of themselves." This simple statement has the power to bring about profound improvements in your game!
Quality Publications for Sports Coaches at all Levels of Competition
Warde Publishers
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Warde Publishers provides coaching education books and materials for coaches at all levels of competition.

Developing Champions in Sports and in Life is our dedicated website for youth sport coach and parent education materials. Developed by leading sport psychologists, these materials feature Mastery Approach training, a proven educational strategy for achieving personal potential in sports, academics, and life.

Our list of sport psychology books are used by coaches of elite athletes and regularly adopted in college-level sport psychology courses. In golf instruction, we publish the teachings and instructional methods of the world's top instructors. We currently publish books by Hall of Fame Instructor Manual de la Torre and Top 100 Instructor Julius Richardson.

We invite you to complete the catalog request form so that we may send you a complete listing of our publications. We have also provided an on-line order form and convenient links to our internet book selling partners.

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